Song Gia Golf Resort

My Kiet, Luu Kiem, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong city

  • 100km from Hanoi
  • > 104 ha
  • Player: 1- 4
  • Number of holes: 27 holes

Utilities & services

  • - Caddie
  • - Cart
  • - Restaurant
  • - Locker
  • - Proshop
  • - Driving Range
  • - Golf & Shoes rental
  • - hotel

Open time

6:00 - 13:30

Price on weekday : 1.450.000 đ

Weekday Price : 2.400.000 đ


Magnificently located adjacent to Da Nang Lake, 20km to the North of Hai Phong – the third largest city of Viet Nam, 80 minute west from The World Heritage Long Bay, Song Gia Golf Resort and Country Club has many potentials to grow.

Song Gia Golf Resort and Country Club is one of the most beautiful landscape golf course, featuring well-preserved natural resources, decorated by local flora and fauna and hard rocks participating as hazards and well-groomed greens and fairways. It has 27 holes in total, 18 of them are membership only, which are the River Nine and Ocean Nine, the Hill Nine are for open public.

Song Gia Golf Resort and Country Club is ideally located between mane natural water lines as rivers and lakes, which makes the atmosphere all-year-round are easy adding lines of planted coconut make this place is more poetic.

Song Gia Golf Resort and Country Club has a spectacular Clubhouse with a full range of facilities like spacious locker rooms can accommodate  up to 500 golfers at a time, a pro-shop having all the latest sport trends from famous brand. Other facilities as swimming pool and relaxation services bringing to you by the most talented professionals in the area, which are all worth a few days golfing out of the city.