Diamond Bay Golf & Villas

Phuoc Ha Hamlet, Phuoc Dong Commune, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province

  • About 30 minutes to go to Nha Trang by car
  • 76 ha
  • Player: 1-4
  • Number of holes: 18 holes

Utilities & services

  • - Caddie
  • - locker
  • - Cart
  • - Hotel
  • - Restaurant
  • - Proshop
  • - Driving range, Clubs and shoes rental

Open time

6:00 - 13:30

Price on weekday : 1.850.000 đ

Weekday Price : 2.050.000 đ


Equally located in the main road travelling from the wildly famous Cam Ranh Bay and unique Nha Trang Beach City, Diamond Bay Golf & Villas is a truly wonderful golf club in South Central of Viet Nam and Asia also. 400km Northwest from Ho Chi Minh City, it may takes golfer around 9 hours to get there using ferry or only over 60 minutes travelling by plane.

Designed by Andy Dye from Andy Golf Design in The Philippines, who once describe Diamond Bay Golf & Villas as “one in a million golf course throughout the world”. This course is in the spacious area of 76 hectares with 18 holes which started open since 2011. The par-3 hole 12 is named signature of this course and has the funny nickname as “smiling hole” as it is built over the sea and resemble a smiling face.

Diamond Bay Golf & Villas estate include indoor practice space, video-teaching materials, tennis course and professional golf trainer. Choosing this site is a wise choice of Hoan Cau Group – the owner of this epicenter as there is no other course is like this: a well-mixed combination of mountainous and dreamy beach scene combines with cool fresh breeze from the far East.